Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Find below a selection of frequently asked questions about the Euregional Health Atlas. For any other questions, contact us.

If there is stated "no data": what does this mean?

The number of respondents for this topic or for this particular group was too low or there is no data available because the topic was not asked out in a country or region..

Are the statistics up to date?

The aim is to keep the data on the Euregional Health Atlas up to date as possible. However, due to differences in the years and methods of data collection, the up-to-dateness can vary between themes.

Why aren’t there any trend statistics available on my theme or topic?

The question has not been included in prior studies and prior data collection or the question has been changed over the years so it is no longer comparable over time.

Why can't I find my region?

Is a region not in the list of locations? The number of respondents might have been too low to show figures at this geographical level or there might be no data available because the topic was not asked in that specific region.

How can I print my selection?

You can print a page using the print function of your browser. In the Microsoft environment, GoogleChrome and Explorer you can use the key combination CTRL+P. On Apple products use the key combination Command+P.

How do I share statistics from the Euregional Health Atlas?

At the top right of the screen you will find a share button which allows you to share the web page with the selections you have made.

How can I combine the data?

If you would like to combine different themes or indicators to explore the data, please contact us. Together we can look at your research question.

Can I share or publish my data on the atlas?

Do you have interesting data that matches or enhances the data on the Euregional Health Atlas and would you like to share it? Please contact us.

Where can I find additional information on a topic or theme?

You can find additional information on the 'Read more' tab. Under the heading “Publications” in the menu you will find an overview of all relevant publications.